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Wirelessly Share Files Between Smartphone and PC Using WifiDroid.

Have you ever tried to copy any file (like images, songs or videos) from your phone memory to your PC or laptop. For this you need to either connect an USB cable to your mobile or take out the SD card and put it into a card reader or a modem to your PC, you can copy files to and fro PC.

But there is a smple and hassle free way to do the same.

WifiDroid is an android application using which you can copy any file from your mobile phone to and fro your PC. This app uses WiFi to share between a smartphone and a PC with great speed.

Follow the steps carefully ::

1. Just download the app from Google Play and open the app then press "Start Service".

2. This will create a WiFi hotspot, connect to the same WiFi address from your PC and go to the address which is shown in WifiDroid application.

3. After which you can view all the folders from your smartphone into your web browser, now just download the files to your PC.

4. You can also upload any file from your PC to the smartphone easily using drag and drop.

5. Using WifiDroid app one can get download and upload speed of 2 - 4 MBPS i.e. a 40 MB video file can be downloaded in just 20 seconds.

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