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Facebook Messenger now available on web browser also

Facebook Messenger is a very popular app that lets us chat with our Facebook friends without the need of viewing bulky news feeds, friends', status etc. Facebook Messenger is currently available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms.
Now Facebook has launched a web version of Messenger that runs on any web browser on a computer. The best thing about this new service is that you don't have to install any plug in or softwares to enjoy this.

Just like the smartphone version, it supports audio calls, video calls, chat, smileys, stickers and many other features.

How to get Messenger on web browser

Visit on any browser (Chrome, Firefox etc) on your computer.

Sign in with your Facebook user id and password.

In the next page you can see the Messenger interface almost similar to that of the mobile os.
On the left side you can see all of your Facebook friends and in the middle your chat history with any particular friend. On the top right corner there is two options for audio and video calling.

If you just want to chat with your Facebook friends, you don't need to open Facebook homepage, you can just open this Messenger on your computer which consumes much lower data bandwidth.

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