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Add Custom Domain Name to your blogspot website easily

If you have a blogspot website (for example "") and you want use a custom domain like "", this article will be helpful for you.

Benefits of using a custom domain name ::
1. Easy to remember a small domain name
2. You own the domain name, no "blogspot" in the middle
3. Users will think the website as a professional website

So, let's check out how to add custom domain name to your blogspot website with a domain purchased from Bigrock.
Follow below steps very carefully

Step 1.  Sign in to your Bigrock account and select the domain name that you would like to configure.

Step 2.  Now scroll down and under "DNS Management" tab, click on "Manage DNS"
Step 3.  A new pop-up window will open, now go to "A Records" on the upper left corner and click on "Add A Record"

Step 4. Now we've to create four A Record with the following IPv4 addresses


Step 5. Under Host Name enter "@" and under Destination IPv4 Address enter "" and simply click on "Add Record"

Step 6. Follow the above step 3 more times with the other 3 IPv4 addresses

Step 7. Now go to "CNAME Records" and click on "Add CNAME Record" and under "Host Name" enter "www" and under "Value" enter ""

Step 8.  Next we need to enter second CNAME Record for that we need to go to Blogger > Settings>Basic and click on "Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog"

Step 9.  Now enter your domain name click on "Save"

Step 10. Again go to "CNAME Records" tab and click on "Add CNAME Record" and under "Host Name" enter "text1" and under "Value" enter "text2" (AS SHOWN IN IMAGE)

Step 11.  All the hard work is done now, just wait for few hours while settings do their work

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