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DND & MNP procedures, customer care numbers

DND Procedure

DND stands for Do Not Disturb. Using DND service you can block all unwanted promotional calls and sms on your no. Promotional calls from your telecom operator as well as other unknown nos can be blocked.

Step 1. Send an SMS "START DND" to 1909 [toll free]

Step 2. You'll receive an SMS telling you to choose a preference

Step 3. Send another SMS "START 0" to 1909 to fully block all promotional calls and texts from your operator

MNP Procedure

MNP stands for Mobile Number Portability. Using MNP service a customer of a particular telecom service provider could retain his/her old number and port out to another operator very easily.

Step 1. Send an SMS "PORT<space>your no" to 1900 [chargable]

Step 2. You'll receive a unique code via SMS

Step 3. Now just visit a mobile retailer shop or a store nearest to you and submit the relevant documents along with the unique code and choose your new operator sim. It takes around 7 days and more to get the new sim activated.

Toll Free Customer Care Numbers

You can use the following toll free numbers to get in touch with the customer care service representatives of your service provider to get information about any packs or register a complaint for various reasons like wrongful balance deductions etc.

From Airtel no. dial 198
From other nos. dial 18001034444 (free of cost)

From Vodafone no. dial 198
From other nos. dial 18001234567 (free of cost)

Reliance GSM
From Reliance no. dial 198
From other nos. dial 18001003333 (free of cost)

From Idea no. dial 198
From other nos. dial 18002700000 (free of cost)

From BSNL no. dial 1503

From Idea no. dial 198

Deactivation / Reactivation of Data Services

You can now disable data services on your phone number if you don't use it. That way you wouldn't be a victim of false data charges or main balance deduction on your no.

To deactivate data services : Send an SMS "STOP" to 1925 (Toll Free) or dial 1925

To reactivate data services : Send an SMS "START" to 1925 (Toll Free) or dial 1925

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