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Alliance Broadband tariff plans for West Bengal and Kolkata circle and much more

Alliance broadband is a leading Internet Service Provider (i.e. ISP) in West Bengal state. It has the widest coverage and offers one of the cheapest tariffs to its customers in West Bengal.

If you're a heavy internet user then wired broadband is best for you because it offers unlimited data (with no FUP) at constant speeds.

So if you're looking for a broadband connection for your home and if Alliance provides service in your area then go for Alliance. Keep in mind Alliance takes installation charge extra (amount depends) and it is not refundable.

Plans for West Bengal and Rest of India:: 

All packs are valid for 30 days and final price is calculated with the addition of 18 % GST

Unlimited Plans  - 

Plan 1. BROWSE+ Rs.400 (with GST Rs.472)- Total bandwidth 20 Mbps

Plan 2. PACE+ Rs.500 (with GST Rs.590) - Total bandwidth 50 Mbps

Plan 3. QUICK+ Rs.675 (with GST Rs.796) - Total bandwidth 70 Mbps

Plan 4. RAPID+ Rs.950 (with GST Rs.1121) - Total bandwidth 100 Mbps

Plan 5. SWIFT+ Rs.1350 (with GST Rs.1593) - Total bandwidth 125 Mbps

Plan 6. BLAZE+ Rs.2000 (with GST Rs.2360) - Total bandwidth 150 Mbps

Plans for Kolkata :: 

All packs are valid for 30 days and final price is inclusive of 18 % GST

Unlimited Plans  - 

Plan 1. STARTER Rs.500 (with GST Rs.590)- Total bandwidth 60 Mbps

Plan 2. ZOOM Rs.600 (with GST Rs.708)- Total bandwidth 70 Mbps

Plan 3. PRIME+ Rs.650 (with GST Rs.767)- Total bandwidth 80 Mbps

Plan 4. PREFERRED+ Rs.850 (with GST Rs.1003)- Total bandwidth 100 Mbps

Plan 5. PREMIUM+ Rs.1150 (with GST Rs.1357)- Total bandwidth 120 Mbps

Plan 6. SPEED+ Rs.1500 (with GST Rs.1770)- Total bandwidth 150 Mbps

Plan 7. FLASH+ Rs.2600 (with GST Rs.3068)- Total bandwidth 200 Mbps

Plan 8. INNOVATOR Rs.7000 (with GST Rs.8260)- Total bandwidth 500 Mbps

Plan 9. GIGABLAST Rs.13500 (with GST Rs.15930)- Total bandwidth 1024 Mbps 

Some important infos ::

To recharge or renew your pack online click here

Alliance log in homepage link

Check out the speed test and review of the Rs.400 plan for West Bengal circle..................

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