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Jio Default SIM Pin Code, PUK Code, APN Settings, Know own no, JioTune activation

Jio is a leading 4G only telecom operator in India and it's racing towards the no 1 spot. And if you're using a Jio sim in your handset then the following information will be very helpful for you.

In this post, I've tried to put together tips related to Jio in one place.

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Balance Check - give a missed call to 1299 or check via MyJio app

APN Settings - jionet

Default SIM Pin Code
A SIM can also be locked just like a phone. If you turn on the SIM lock feature by going into the phone settings, every time you restart the phone or insert the SIM into to any device it'll ask for the pin code. This way you can prevent any unauthorized usage of your SIM.

Every telecom operator's SIM has a default pin code built into it. In order to change the default pin code and save a pin code of your choice, you'll need the default pin code.

SIM Pin Code for Jio is  1234

If you give the SIM pin code few times incorrectly, your SIM will be locked and it'll ask for PUK(personal unblocking key) code. That SIM will not function unless you give correct PUK code.

You can call Jio toll free no 18008899999 and ask the representative for the PUK code of your Jio no (he / she can ask for some information to verify your identity). Write down the PUK code and enter it correctly to unblock your SIM. Remember if you enter PUK code incorrectly for more than three times, your SIM will be useless then you can only to get that no back by visiting a Jio retailer.

Know your own no - give a missed call to 1299 or check via MyJio app (see detailed post)

Missed Call Alert Facility - If anyone tries to call you and if you're unreachable then a text will be sent to your no later with the caller's no and time. Jio offers this facility by default and for free, you don't need to do anything.

JioTune Facility - Jio offers caller tune service to its customer absolutely free of cost and calls it JioTune. Every subscriber should use this service. To activate it on your no see detailed post

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